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SILAN, headquartered in New York City, represents a new approach to sign language services. Founded Sean Gerlis, who is lifelong customer of American Sign Language interpreters, SILAN’s mission is to provide a range of best-in-class interpreting services, including in-person interpreting and one-on-one consulting in best practices with regard to providing effective communication for Deaf and hard of hearing customers.


Unlike with many spoken languages, sign language interpreting effectiveness directly correlates with the interpreter’s qualifications and specializations. Effective communication is defeated when a client is assigned an interpreter unfamiliar with the subject matter of the appointment. At SILAN, we stand ready to support our clients with interpreters familiar with a wide range of subject matters.



We are committed to providing you with the most effective interpreting accommodations. We ensure that you are partnered with a sign language interpreter who is highly appropriate to your assignment and continue to work with you beyond your assignment to continually optimize your satisfaction with our services.


On several occasions I had the opportunity to hire interpreters through SILAN. Each time it was an excellent experience. The interpreters were prompt, personable and completely adapted to the situation at hand. Even after interpreting the formal show they helped tremendously interpreting during the social part of the evening. Thank you!!

Alan Berger

Director, Peace Through Play Nursery School

As an out of towner who needed interpreting services for a memorial service for a deceased family member that took place in the Hudson Valley area of NY, I felt comfortable using SILAN because I had a good rapport and personal interaction with the interpreter coordinator, Sean. He understood the urgency of the situation and was able to coordinate the services in a very limited timeframe. My interpreter was prompt, kept up with the service and very respectful of all of the attendees’ needs. I will definitely be a repeat customer when I am in the area again when the situation calls for an interpreter!

Katie Hoheusle


I am pleased how SILAN provided the interpreters for Heineken’s Subway Symphony event. Both of the interpreters actually made the communication between us (hearing and myself) straightforward with ease throughout the event. For me, when it is to be able to laugh along with hearing people from our jokes really affirms how efficient SILAN interpreters performed during the event. Thanks SILAN for providing appropriate interpreters for the event. I will most definitely ask for interpreters through SILAN.

Douglas Ridloff

Owner, ASL Slam

Last January, Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village made the best decision ever by retaining interpreters through SILAN. Their interpreters were out of this world! They are the best interpreters I ever had in a comedy gig. Thank you!

Rayni Elaine Plaster

Certified Deaf Interpreter / Trainer

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