We have both worked with sign language interpreters for most of our lives. We understand that successful interpreting appointments are the result of efforts undertaken by the agency and the interpreters prior to the appointment — efforts which include identifying subject matters with which the interpreters are most comfortable and providing information regarding the appointment in advance to allow interpreters to select appointments that best align with their capabilities and to allow for preparation if need be. Too often, agencies unfamiliar with the nuances of sign language interpreting send their interpreters into assignments with minimal information, sometimes not even sharing the names or contact information for the client or the pair interpreter, making it difficult to ensure a seamless experience.


We commit to always sharing with our interpreters the information we gather about the appointments, including a description of the appointment, the subject matter, the location, the name(s) and contact information of any pair interpreters, and the name(s) and contact information of the clients, to ensure that the appointment can begin on time with all parties fully prepared.


We strongly believe that interpreters should be able to choose jobs that best align with their capabilities — and that our clients are best served by interpreters accepting assignments that they are qualified for. Some of our interpreters have specifically requested not to work with certain kinds of appointments — a request we will honor and provide several tools to help honor. We specify the subject matter in the appointment announcement to give our interpreters the opportunity to accept only those appointments they feel are a good match.

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